How does Florverde® Sustainable Flowers guarantee better labor / social conditions?

Workers benefit from FSF in a number of ways. First, it ensures that certified growers meet basic labor conditions as set by the International Labour Organization and national laws. This includes no discrimination, abuse, forced labor or child labor. It also sets a maximum of working hours per week, requires farms to submit evidence of freedom of association and promotes worker training and development. Moreover, 100% of FSF certified farms guarantee social security coverage for workers. Beyond compliance, the FSF standard also encourages growers to support projects that benefit local communities such as food security programs, daycare centers or housing subsidies.

How does Florverde® Sustainable Flowers protect women’s rights?

In many flower producing countries, women constitute the majority of workers and, as such, FSF strives to protect their rights in several ways. FSF prohibits growers from discriminating or harassing women due to their gender or pregnancy. Furthermore, FSF bans the use of pregnancy tests during recruitment. It also requires growers to offer separate dressing rooms for women. Although optional, many certified farms also sponsor on-site nursery schools.

Florverde® Sustainable Flowers allow child / forced labor?

The FSF standard prohibits farms from using forced labor or from employing workers under the age of 18.

Does Florverde® Sustainable Flowers allow and promote trade unions?

FSF requires growers to submit evidence that they give their workers the right to freedom of association and participation.