More than 100 flower farms in Colombia and Ecuador certified by Florverde Sustainable Flowers


The Florverde Sustainable Flowers certification is the scheme that strives to certify 25% of the world’s flowers.

The Florverde Sustainable Flowers certification is an independent standard for the floriculture industry, that has certified more than 100 flower farms in Colombia and Ecuador.

During the first half of 2019, a record 11 flower farms have already been certified. FSF expects that at least 10 additional farms will obtain certification by the end of this year.

39% of the flowers exported from Colombia were certified by FSF, which represented more than 94 thousand tonnes of the almost 300 thousand tonnes that Colombia exports annually. The certification benefits almost 32,000 workers, who can count on the best labor practices and conditions. Of those workers, 64% are women who are the head of their household.

Since the beginning of 2019, Kroger supermarkets of the United States announced theiracceptance of the FSF standard as compliant with their internal standards for flower providers. The certification and corrective action procedures that often follow an FSF audit were thoroughly analyzed and demonstrated to be in accordance with Kroger’s social compliance audit.

Florverde Sustainable Flowers is a certification standard that addresses labor conditions, environmental and quality management aspects in the production of flowers and ornamentals for Latin American countries. FSF adapts requirements from international social and environmental agreements to the reality of Latin American producers, guaranteeing that the key issues relevant to sustainability in floriculture in the region are covered.

Additionally, it is one of the standards that pursues the goal that by 2020, 90% of the flowers traded globally will be sustainable in partnership with the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI).

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The Florverde Sustainable Flowers certification guarantees a high quality end product that respects both the environment and workers. Our commitment is to promote sustainable flowers for the wellbeing of all“, comments Ximena Franco, FSF Director.

Furthermore, FSF includes a unique system of sustainability indicators that allows certified companies to report and compare their performance month to month against industry averages.

The full list of FSF certified companies and flower farms is available for download on our website.