GOOD NEWS! Kroger will now be accepting Florverde certification for its floral suppliers


Kroger will now be accepting Florverde Sustainable Flowers certification in lieu of the Kroger Social Compliance Audit for its floral suppliers. The news was shared by Sofia B. Castillo, Social Compliance Manager of Kroger. 

"Kroger is committed to upholding our Vendor Code of Conduct in our supply chain by partnering with suppliers whose operations meet or exceed our expectations and standards. To ensure our Vendor Code of Conduct is upheld, Kroger works with third party auditing firms UL and ELEVATE to conduct our Social Compliance Audits", explained Castillo. 

She went on to comment, "We also understand the burden that suppliers bear due to many audits for various requirements from multiple retailers, which is why we regularly review standards and certifications available from outside organizations in the social compliance field as possible alternatives". 

Florverde passed a careful review and analysis, demonstrating itself to be "at par with Kroger Social Compliance audit and the corrective action procedure often needed after the audit", according to the written notification.

Ximena Franco, director of Florverde Sustainable Flowers, comments “We are pleased to be able to support Florverde certified flower companies that supply the Kroger supermarket chain. This achievement represents significant savings in time, effort and money for these suppliers. Through the Florverde Sustainable Flowers certification scheme, a company directly demonstrates to Kroger  its compliance with their Code of Conduct without the need for additional audits"

This achievement represents value for our certified flower business, with the support of Florverde Sustainable Flowers: Sustainable flowers for the wellbeing of all.


Kroger is one of the United States largest grocery retailers. The largest supermarket chain in the United States by revenue and the third-largest retailer in the world.


Congratulations to Ayurá S.A.S for achieving a new FSF recertification


The Technical Secretariat of Florverde Sustainable Flowers announces the recertification of the Colombian flower grower Ayurá S.A.S. Ayurá S.A.S is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of fresh cut flowers characterized with the highest standards of quality and good agricultural practices, committed to the responsible and sustainable production of flowers. Our sincere congratulations!

Latest updates on the Florverde normative documents


The Technical and Administrative Secretariat of Florverde Sustainable Flowers announced the updating of the Florverde Standard for the sustainable production of flowers and ornamentals and the General Regulations for the FSF certification. The 7.1 version of the normative documents (in English and Spanish) are already available here: 

Florverde Sustainable Flowers at the ITC Sustainability Standards Map


The standards map is an online database of the ITC (International Trade Centre), the joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization (WTO), which provides information on over 210 standards, codes of conduct, audit protocols addressing sustainability hotspots in global supply chains. 

Check the most updated information of FSF and compare it against other certifications schemes in this link:

Ximena Franco from Florverde will be speaker at GLOBALGAP SUMMIT 2018


The GLOBALG.A.P. SUMMIT is the perfect setting to discuss the latest developments in food safety and sustainability as well as Good Agriculture and Aquaculture Practices and the future of the industry. 

Session: New Markets for Responsibly Grown Flowers

Date: 07 November 2018

Time: 11:00-12:00 am

Location: Lima, Peru 

Congratulations to Passion Growers for obtaining the FSF certification for the first time!


Florverde Sustainable Flowers would like to welcome to our newest company to the sustainable community: Passion Growers- Flores Ipanema .

Passion Growers has achieved its Florverde certification for the very first time after completing all the required social and environmental criteria.

Renewed Florverde Sustainable Flowers certified companies in 2018!


FSF would like to congratulate to the following companies who achieved their FSF certification renewal in the 1st semester of 2018!

  • Red de empresas GRChía
  • C.I. Global Exchange (Flores del Este)
  • Rumhora S.A.
  • Tahami & Cultiflores
  • Flores de Funza