Flower growers benefit from FSF in a number of ways. First, it helps growers improve their farms by adopting best agricultural practices. This includes better documentation, cost monitoring and savings, and improved processes. 

When growers apply for certification they also receive independent feedback from the certification body on how they can improve their performance. Also, as demand for sustainable certification continues to grow, it provides them with access to new market


FSF can help growers to position their products in niche markets in countries where Colombian flowers are already sold (e.g. in supermarkets which believe in the importance of sustainability and sell their products to consumers who  prefer certified products.) FSF can also be an attractive incentive when it comes to opening new markets in countries where our flowers are not traditionally sold.


A key aspect of the FSF certification is the impact it has in adding value for producers in three main ways: First, by contributing to the minimization of production risks, such as those posed by an informal workforce, the non-compliance with labor standards or legislation, or by the inadequate handling of agrochemical products or waste. Therefore, the implementation of FSF measures aims to offset risks faced by growers in their production processes.


The FSF certification guarantees that the flowers have been grown following rigorous technical standards. Further, given that FSF is a certification exclusively designed for flowers, it implies a deep knowledge of our products. FSF is backed by 20 years of experience and a strong support provided by the Florverde Farm program to guarantee the quality and technical rigor of the production processes.



The Florverde® Sustainable Flowers Certification Scheme affords the necessary standards and framework for independent and third-party certification of flowers and ornamentals based on the ISO/IEC guide 65G. Here you can download the complete regulations and our brand guidelines to use our brand properly.


The Florverde® Sustainable Flowers guarantees that our flowers do not use any of the agrochemicals included in the list of pesticides banned by the Colombian phytosanitary authority (ICA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), by the European Union or which have been incorporated in the list known as the "Dirty Dozen" issued by the Pesticides Action Network (PAN.) This means that the pesticides used by FSF are limited to those approved in the country of origin (currently Colombia but in the future in any countries which adopt the FSF certification.)


If you are a flower producer and would like to apply for Florverde® Sustainable Flowers please make sure you review the standard and comply with all requirements. If you are ready to be certified please contact one of the following independent certification organizations to receive additional information about the certification process.


In this section you can download all the documents related to the certification process.


You can download the latest version of the document FSF certification.





ASOCOLFLORES provides technical support to the FSF certification process, through a methodology known as the The Sustainability Journey, which assists producers in the adoption of the best social, labor, environmental and quality practices for the production of flowers and ornamentals.