FSF standards as an unexpected way to facing COVID-19 in the flower sector

The coronavirus has strongly affected the world and the vast majority of economic sectors, where the flower industry is no exception. In the first weeks of the pandemic, sales decreased dramatically, with the added concern of being in one of the most important seasons for the industry: Mother’s Day. However, the sense of responsibility and commitment with the earth and the thousands of workers led to all the necessary measures being taken with great speed to guarantee the stability of all.

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Florverde indicator system was born in 1998 to support business management, evaluate the performance of the floriculture sector, through a series of socio-environmental indicators, which, when collected and interpreted appropriately, offer information on the sustainability of the floriculture.

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Comparing Florverde Sustainable Flowers and GLOBALG.A.P + GRASP

It is known that, although flower producers count on several certifications that are recognized worldwide and which cover the different aspects of sustainability, they will often be subject to the whim of someone in the chain who, for different reasons (many of which are of a non-technical nature) requires that they are evaluated by what he/she considers an “appropriate” standard or list from his/her point of view or knowledge of sustainability.

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