RedES-CAR Program

A new competitive commitment from Florverde®

The Sustainable Business Network seeks to improve the competitiveness and environmental performance of companies.

Under the Sustainable Business Network Program, RedEs CAR Florverde® Sustainable Flowers presented the first results from 14 flower companies that participated together with important companies from other sectors last May, 2014 at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.

Through a public-private partnership, the RedES-CAR Program seeks to foster productive links between large companies and its suppliers, or between a union and its affiliates, to improve competitiveness and environmental performance through the implementation of cleaner production tools.

In this phase of the Program companies, that produce and export flowers to four main destinations (the United States, Russia, Europe and Asia) participated.

RedES-CAR is sponsored by the regional government environmental agency and led by the most important university in Colombia, Universidad de Los Andes.

With this infographic you can see how these flower farms will make the difference:

By choosing sustainable practices you can improve your products, boost your sales and generate savings among supply chains! Have you reached important goals through sustainable practices? we’d love to hear from your experience! please leave a comment below and tell us how you make the difference.