How does Florverde® Sustainable Flowers benefit flower growers?

Flower growers benefit from FSF in a number of ways. First, it helps growers improve their farms by adopting best agricultural practices. This includes better documentation, cost monitoring and savings, and improved processes. When growers apply for certification they also receive independent feedback from the certification body on how they can improve their performance. Also, as demand for sustainable certification continues to grow, it provides them with access to new markets.

How do wholesalers, retailers and florists benefit from Florverde® Sustainable Flowers?

FSF growers have better systems in place that allow them to run their farms more efficiently and therefore better serve their clients. For example, FSF requires growers to have a documented traceability system that tracks the product from where it was dispatched to its immediate client. In addition to this, the FSF standard helps reduce product waste, meet client expectations by banning undesired chemicals, and suggesting post-harvest guidelines that can lengthen the life span of flowers in a vase.

How do consumers benefit from Florverde® Sustainable Flowers?

Consumers who buy FSF certified flowers can enjoy quality flowers while helping to protect the environment and improve the livelihoods of many workers who depend on the flower sector.