Comparing Florverde Sustainable Flowers and GLOBALG.A.P + GRASP

It is known that, although flower producers count on several certifications that are recognized worldwide and which cover the different aspects of sustainability, they will often be subject to the whim of someone in the chain who, for different reasons (many of which are of a non-technical nature) requires that they are evaluated by what he/she considers an “appropriate” standard or list from his/her point of view or knowledge of sustainability.


Comparaciones entre Florverde Sustainable Flowers y Rainforest Alliance Certified

El Sustainability Map, una iniciativa del International Trade Center de las Naciones Unidas que recopila información de más de 200 estándares a nivel mundial, permite comparar en línea los contenidos de los diferentes estándares, para dar al usuario una idea acerca de la robustez del estándar en consulta.