What is Florverde® Sustainable Flowers?

Florverde® Sustainable Flowers (FSF) is an independent social and environmental standard which ensures that flowers certified under this scheme have been responsibly produced. This requires flower growers to adopt measures that will protect and enable worker’s rights, implement best environmental practices, and comply with national regulations. FSF also helps safeguard quality by requiring the proper care and handling of flowers.

Who is behind Florverde® Sustainable Flowers?

FSF is an independent organization comprised of a strong team of agronomists, social workers and other professionals. Its main responsibilities include: administrating and updating the standard, promoting the proper use of its label, and engaging stakeholders. FSF does not certify growers – this is done by independent third parties.

What issues are covered by the Florverde® Sustainable Flowers standard?

The FSF standard covers a wide range of issues including working conditions, occupational health, environmental best practices, protection of biodiversity, product traceability and post-harvest treatment. For further information please download our standard by clicking download button here and our regulations here.

Who can be Florverde® Sustainable Flowers certified?

Any fresh-cut flower producer, regardless of size or number of workers, can be certified as long as they comply with the FSF standard.  FSF also offers a separate standard for bouquet manufacturers.

Where can I purchase Florverde® Sustainable Flowers?

FSF certified flowers can be found at leading retailers such as Wal-Mart and Costco or through wholesalers such as USA Bouquet and Gems.

What type of flowers can be certified?

Any fresh-cut flowers or foliage.

Who pays for the certification?

Flower growers that wish to apply for certification are responsible for paying certification costs directly to the certifying body (not FSF).

How many flowers are certified Florverde® Sustainable Flowers each year?

Approximately 1.3 billion stems and 2,054 hectares of land are certified FSF each year.

Are Florverde® Sustainable Flowers flowers more expensive?


Does Florverde® Sustainable Flowers support small flower growers? If so, how?

Some of FSF’s requirements adjust to farm size and number of employees, requiring less investment costs from small growers. Foliage producers, who tend to be small farmers, can also be certified.

How do I know if my flowers are certified Florverde® Sustainable Flowers?

FSF certified flowers are marked with the Florverde®Sustainable Flowers label.

What requirements are there for using the Florverde® Sustainable Flowers label?

Only certified growers or bouquet makers can use the FSF label.

Does Florverde® Sustainable Flowers allow a flower grower to have more than one certification?

Yes, and it is currently working to reduce certification costs for growers by finding synergies with other certification systems such as Rainforest Alliance and The Ethical Trade Initiative.