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The Florverde® Sustainable Flowers Certification Scheme affords the necessary standards and framework for independent and third-party certification of flowers and ornamentals based on the ISO/IEC guide 65G. Here you can download the complete regulations and our brand guidelines to use our brand properly.

Florverde® certified growers here can download important documents such as General Regulations, both english and spanish versions, and our brand guidelines. 

Benefits, Q&A y Other certification systems:

Reglamento general para la certificación Florverde Sustainable Flowers Versión 7.0 Edición 7.0-1

General regulation Version 7.0 Edition 7.0-1

Lista de verificación SCI Versión 7.0 Edición 7.0-1

Manual de uso de la marca de conformidad Florverde Sustainable Flowers