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Equivalence with other standards

To be Florverde® certified means you can certify your production by other standards in one single inspection if required. Here you can download all about the mutual aknowledgement between Florverde® Sustainable Flowers and the Sustainable Agriculture Network (RAS) and other helpful documents for certified growers.

Matriz de reconocimiento mutuo entre el estándar Florverde y la Norma de Agricultura Sostenible de la RAS   

Lista de verificación de los requisitos y criterios del estándar Florverde con el módulo complementario de norma de la RAS   

Lista de verificación del Sistema de Control Interno más el módulo complementario de la norma para la certificación de grupos de la RAS   

Matriz de reconocimiento mutuo entre los requisitos del Sistema de Control Interno (SCI) de Florverde® Sustainable Flowers y la Norma para certificación de grupos de las RAS   

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance certification encourages farmers to grow crops and manage ranchlands sustainably. Because it's certification system is built on the three pillars of sustainability -- environmental protection, social equity and economic viability -- and no single pillar can support long-term success on its own, it help farmers improve in all three areas.

GLOBALG.A.P. (in re-homologation process)

GLOBALG.A.P. today is the world's leading farm assurance program, translating consumer requirements into Good Agricultural Practice in a rapidly growing list of countries – currently more than 100.