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Think sustainable This image can be used to tell customers your floral stock has been responsibly produced under the Florverde® standard. (download 
Light messageIncrease engagement and celebrate weekends sharing this image with your contacts. (download 
Growing with loveEnd customers will know what’s behind the flowers they’re buying as soon as you share it. (download 
Innovation quoteIf you want to tell something’s about to change this quote will help you. (download 
World day against child laborShare to tell everyone you’re against child labor and Florverde® standards prevents farms using forced labor or from employing workers under the age of 18. (download 
Kathy y AnaShare it if your partners help you to make flower workers’s life better. (download 
Better by bikeCommunicate the benefits from a sustainable transport and be part of the change. (download 
Safety FirstShare it if your company’s goal is 0 accidents and worker’s safety. (download 
Child DreamsEnd consumers support products that help children, let them know what Florverde does for them. (download 
Brave and beautifulFlorverde certified flowers have been produced by brave women who love what they do. Show who they are to your customers. (download 



Earth hourEvery year we join the world’s earth hour and turn off our lights. Use this invitation to join it, save energy and let the planet breath. (download 
I careApproach millennials telling them you do care about water resources. (download 
Choose NaturalCustomers prefer products grown with natural sources, why not telling them Florverde® certified flowers use less fertilizers? (download 
Reuse Reduce RecycleThis image will remind your audience about the importance of practicing the 3 R’s everyday to help the environment. (download 
Planet Earth needs youNot only companies have a commitment, your customers too! tell with this image our planet needs them! (download 
What was right thereIf your buyers know what’s behind Florverde® certified products, let them know about us with this image and our protection to endangered species like the Spot-Flanked Gallinule. (download 
Driving rainwaterSpread the word with this image: Florverde® certified products care about water resources, drop by drop, using cutting-edge technology. (download 
Tingua FlowerIf customers choose a Florverde® certified product tell them with this image we protect Spot-flanked Gallinules living close to certified flower companies. (download 
Help water to clean upIf you speak about water resources, use this image to tell  reeds help to clean rainwater up before it gets to flower crops. (download 
Every drop of water countsShow you care about every drop of water and that’s why your products have the Florverde® logo on them. (download 

End Consumer

Promo before buyingShow with this image why your buyers are different because they love to purchase environment friendly products. (download 
Flowers and frogs get along wellWith this image your customers would love to know we have a mutual aknowledgement with Rainforest Alliance Certified, both labels on products means strict standards for a better future. Share it to show technology and innovation are the present of Florverde® certified companies. (download 
Boost your productionWith this image your customers will know there’s a high quality certification scheme behind the products they get from you. (download 
In every stage with youShare it to show technology and innovation are the present of Florverde® certified companies. (download 
Sustainable is the new ethicsUse this image if your company’s vision aims towards sustainability. (download 
Innovation lead the quality edgeInnovation must be present from the seed to stem. Share if your company uses the latest technology in its crops. (download 
Certified farms: Cutting edge technologyTell your potential clients technology delivers quality to their products sharing this one with them. (download 
Co-branding Go furtherShare to open doors in new markets worldwide thanks to Florverde® and GLOBALG.A.P. (download 
Think before you buyProbably the high-quality flowers your buyers love are Florverde® certified, share if you’re proud of that! (download 
Always fresh and ready to shipMake your customers prefer sustainable fresh cut flowers sharing with them this image. (download