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Farms can now be Florverde® Sustainable Flowers and Rainforest Alliance® certified in one single inspection!

Florverde Sustainable Flowers + Raiforest Alliance

Since 7th November, all companies interested to be certified by Florverde® Sustainable Flowers and Rainforest Alliance Certified can do so in one single inspection.

The first dual inspection was held in 16-17th October in a local farm. This is the very first company to be certified with both standards at the same time. From now, they can use both logos under the quote “we share a common ground”.

The Florverde® Sustainable Flowers - Rainforest Alliance Certified agreement synthesizes a 3+ year drive toward putting required technical aspects in place for those flower companies around the world interested in acquiring certification in both schemes.

This is an effort of Florverde that shows its vision of sustainability, taking into account social, environmental and economic aspects of the production of flowers, via rigorous evaluation procedures for certifications, technical know-how and expertise of the floriculture industry.